• Issue
  • Sep 01, 2023

One on One: Jin Meyerson on Park Seo-Bo

Portrait of PARK SEO-BO. Photo by An Sisup. Courtesy Johyun Gallery, Busan.

Arriving late at the home of renowned Korean artist Park Seo-Bo after fighting Seoul’s traffic, I find him holding court at the head of a long table; on one side sits his daughter-in-law; on the other, a handful of friends and gallerists. At 91, Park remains lucid and sharp, and with the assistance of his family continues to be the epicenter of activity. He is generous with his conversation and over the years has answered familiar questions, offered consistent thoughts, and recounted the same old stories that have come to define his work. Remarkably, his delivery contains none of the worn-out edges of something rehearsed. He is centered and engaged, and adorned with a large amethyst ring and accompanying necklace he appears almost papal. He remains a true believer.

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