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  • May 11, 2023

Re-Sequencing: Practice 002

All Images by CECILIA LU for ArtAsiaPacific.

A long-awaited concert brought back an old melody that started a loop in my mind. Like scent, a song can be unforgettable because of the vibe and memories it carries from the first time I listened to it. Every time when the familiar sensation returns, it is warped with new memories and feelings, stored mysteriously inside me. This is one way how my life is layered. Each work in Re-Sequencing feels like a city-building game, constructed based on the materials from my everyday experiences. 

The original sources for the images for Re-Sequencing 002 are as follows:

2023/04/06 20:34

2023/04/08 19:48

2023/04/10 16:48

2023/04/12 17:41

 2023/04/15 16:59

2023/04/15 18:56

2023/04/20 21:23

2023/04/22 19:16

Cecilia Lu is ArtAsiaPacafic’s designer.

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